PM3250 X


Front panel of the Philips PM 3250 X. This oscilloscope is one of the physically largest scopes of this time as clearly visible from the size of the front panel.
PM3250 X
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The Philips PM3250 X is a base model of the 1970's PM3250 series. This specific model has dedicated buttons for mains and video triggering which where features commonly used during television repair and maintenance. Like all PM3250 series the input bandwidth is 50Mhz and the device has two dedicated time bases. The internal construction is achieved using entirely discrete transistors each of them on a small plastic standoff.
Current state
Not working, can not safely be powered on. The HV anode physically disconnected from CRT. HV output current limiting resistor has been burned until entirely carbonized. The Multivibrator circuit might have been damaged as a result.
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TS1201 power supply Physical Object
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Photocopy of the side of a binder containing the manuals for the Philips PM 3250, 3251, 3252 and 3253 analog oscilloscopes. These include user and service manuals. The side contains a tag with a german description of the contents.Philips PM 3250 manual binder Document